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In July this year I was in Germany as a tourist and I bought a car to circulate around. As I had no residence I left 220euros to a person that sold me his car as a caution money in case I make some accident or get a ticket, while driving the car with his insurance for a month. A month passed and the person told me that he got accident and that for the moment hes out of money which I believed. He at the other side withdrew his insurance 3 days before arranged time and did not noticed me of that. That didn't matter much because I sent my friend to hungary with car and car was left at a village and was not driven since. Problems emerged when I couldn't get the licence plates back on time and I couldn't abmeld the car. So the penalties started to arrive very soon of what I was not informed that will happen. That also I didn't considered a big problem I left the brief of the car to the person I bought the car from and after two weeks I sent him a licence plates with the Zulassung so he could abmeld the car himself and than send me the Brief back. Now when 3 weeks are passed from the time he got the plates and papers I called him last week only to have him say to me that he will not send me the papers unless I send him additional 260 euros. I got the e-mail from him where he tells me this. The penalties altogether are 230 euros and I sent him an e-mail where I asked him why is he demanding additional money when I left him enough money and agreed that he can use it to cover these costs. I got no answer from him there have been 6 days. I am starting to worry if my contract of sale( Verkaufvertrag) and the signed receipt that he received 220eu from me are enough proof that confirm that I gave the caution money and that I am the owner of the car. And who can guarantee me that after I send him more money he will send me Brief and Zulassung. Should I contact the police? Which department? I speak some German. The whole event took place in Ottweiler near St.Wendell

Thank you

Zoltan Molnar


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